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air locked pipes in Masterlab 740

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Can anyone help - I have a problem with an airlocked pipe on the BLX (paper) replenishment pipe. I have replaced both the one way valves - either side side of the rep pump and the filters have been cleaned. All the pipes have been checked and are clear. At present I have had to resort to repping the BLX by ditching some out of the tank and refilling - any ideas please.


Kim Cessford

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The pump is probably sucking in air. Try cutting back the 2 tubes by about 0.25" either side of the pump and then refitting. If this does not work, you probably need to replace the 2 pipe connectors on the pump.   Good luck


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Hi - thanks for the input - so far no 'fixes' I have tried cuttimg the pipes and resetting them and I have tried using the manual suction pump that I have but I am afraid that it is pretty old and to say that it 'sucks' is probably overstating the situation. Monday next week I shall take up John Clydes offer and contact San Marco - and yes I do feel that the forum has been useful - several other questions that I have are already answered just by browsing the other forums.

Thanks once again

Kim Cessford.

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There is a Y where the chem  tubes come out of the replen pump... this goes to a thing called the vaccuum switch. Take off all the Y's and connectors and run a pin or something through to clear them. Dried up chem gets in there and stops the line from pumping. Also the vaccuum switch can go bad. Usually you will get an error message saying " no replenishment in ____ ".

Check all those hoses for a hole somewhere also... could be that's why you can get vaccuum. Buy a few feet of spare hose, and sgtarting at the replenish pump, start replacing sections all the way up to the tank. Before you attach to the final piece that actually goes into the tank (under whats called the upper tank lid) try to replen manually and see if it works. prime the hoses with water from a squirt bottle first.

If none of this works, email me at russroul@aol.com.


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