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So?  After The Phoenix


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hello Neil

i have not seen any of the gretag machinary yet but looked 5 years ago and whent with agfa, bad move i know now but you take your chances and pay your money. i have however looked at the photo-me 1550 and have been reasonabley impressed  but before i invest i will be looking at another demo and take the most exstreme negs and any other material i can. just my opinion would like to here frpm others


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Hi Neil,

John Casson here, How are you.

As you know I am working for the SMI group (San Marco Imaging) we lauched some new kit at PMA and have just shown them at Focus (why did,nt, you come and say hello)

The parent company in italy has now taken control of the uk distributor so we are now have better prices and the support of the factory etc I have put a link to the web site if anyone wants to view the new Marko range or if you want  to give me a call please do 07717 342 868 we are offering very good px,s the MK10 which is a 12 inch 3 in 1 minilab has a list of 75k which is very good and produces excellant print quality


Hope you are well Neil and I will pop in for a coffee shortly

Cheer Cass

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