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Konica Minolta error,please help me to identify it

Green M

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I've Konic Minolta Minilab R2 super 1000 Compact

i had a problem before 5 days while using it..

all of sudden it wont connect and it says this message



Input unit No. 1 Note-L1773-0

There is no licence to use the Application

Please set USB key correctly and restart the PC .

Option on the side [Minimize]

Options down: [Ok]     [Turn off alarm]



what do i miss ...

is it the USB Key.

but it work and when i plug it the light turn on

nothing happened to it, i mean hard physical damage .

in case if the problem with the USB Key.

is there anyway to recover it or get a net USB Key?

i uploaded 2 photos for you showing the error messages



Please if anyone can tell me what do i miss, where is the problem and how to solve it..

it would be much helpful . my work is on hold " stopped "

Please Help Me.....

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Can try to recover old dongle or sell new working. Can enter all necessary optional software to it.  

how do i recover it..

when i plug it to the minilab its not showing as storage device..

and when i plug it to a laptop it says unknown device...

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