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How to use Konica PPDownLoad software

Minilab service

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Hi. I tried update software ( files PP_Boot_V100.mot and PP_System_V101.mot ) for Konica R2 paper processor PP-8631B, board 2870H1500A  ( based on Hitachi processor HD64F2339VFC25 , H8S/2339 ). I connected COM1 serial port to the connector  RCN8 ( IC16 SP3232ECY ),  but I get 272 error ( receiving timeout ) , when I start PPDownLoad.exe or pressing VersionReq key.Does anyone know what must be COM port setings for this software ( Bits per second, Data bits, parity, stop bits, flow control, FIFO bufers ) ? Which port shoud I use for softwere upgrade in 2870H1500A ( RCN3 - IC19; RCN8 - IC16 or RCN9 - IC17+IC18 ) ?

Thank's for any information.



Port setings :


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Hello. You can send me the board and will get it working.. Many did it and have working minilabs now. In most cases this board has hardware problems, so reprogramming will not help you. Also can program any Konica license USB dongle ( make new dongle, add new options and other ) , repair Kokusan processor motor driver, repair power suppliers and other boards, make RA minilab from ecojet ( tablet ) version, make 1000 ( faster ) minilab from 700 and other modifications.

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On 5/2/2012 at 7:06 PM, Minilab service said:

Hello. I used different software to program this board. If you need can program your board, or repair it if will be some problem with hardware. Also can program any Konica USB dongle, clone it or add new options.

Hi i have a link with processor failed error and tried to upgrade processor from R2 Touchscreen. The problem occured 2 times 1 time in the past when i had electricity disconnection and now when i move the machine to another corner of the same shop! seems like when disconect no info kept inside the board. can i sent to you for repair/rewrite the appropiate software? do you have a facebook or email to discuss further details? Thanks in advance.

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