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>Yes I have a QD21, very versatile but amazingly unreliable. Paper Jams being the worse.

>Would like to hear what other experiences have been.

>Also would be interested in buying spare paper magazines if anyone has some to sell

We have a QD21 on our list (of several) for the next lab to purchase. I would be very interested to hear more about how this machine performs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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There's a photo store chain in (alteast Eastern) Canada called Japan Camera.  Most of them have

Konica labs.  I know a manager who dumped his Noritsu 2701 and bought a Konica instead.

He complains about the paper jams .. he is unhappy he switched but head office kind of

pushed him into it (according to what he claims)

I'm not trying to change your opinion, just expressing mine.

I'm a NORITSU lab.


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We work on R1 1400 two years. Certainly there is what to not like.At First - linearity of an exposition. This reason of shift on an axis of drawing of the image. It is adjusted by a manual mechanical method. In laboratories with a laser exposition this process is more convenient and easier. At Second - not so good stability.Especially appreciablly, at a seal of black-and-white prints. There were problems, sometimes continue to arise,  with calibration of an exposition head.To work simply and conveniently. Quality competitive with noritsu 3001,near is beside such competitor from kodak.It is simple and accessible.There can be I too exacting :-/. Think and decide. All depends on your needs and your requirements.There has come time to buy one more laboratory. I too am at a loss in a choice - R3 or noritsu 3201.Probably again we shall prefer konica minolta.

PS I am sorry for my bad English :-/


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KONICA MINOLTA R1 is really a good equipment .But the future is dark as the company has gone in for closure.The machine is very user freindly and the

output quality form Negative as well as media was acceptable.The mechanism too

is simple and easy to repair and maintain.

I Own and use 2 machine's R1 and R2 .does anybodey has upgrade softwares

and any addational service manual's and other knowledge of these machines.

do reply.THANKS !


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I try to schedule 1 qd 21 plus and I try a manual service, installation manual, electrical diagrams, in short, all the manuals QD21

I managed to install my Konica QD21  but the konica interfacefails to see the fbscanner he gives me the message "turn on power butom of the fbscan while the scanner is already on and I succeed even has windows scanner

What should I do

because without the fbscanner I can not fix my color

thank you for your help

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