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Konica CL-PP801EA


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Dear Friend I not Understand What u Say ? U need Manuls or ??


The story behind is that I can get one of these machines for free. I'm just an hobbyist photographer and I still use film. The guy who has the machine does not know a thing about the machine.

I've tried to google some info about this but found nothing.

So it would be nice to know something about this machine.

Manuals and other technical specs would be great. And the most important thing would be to know if there are masks for 6x4,5 and 6x7 also.

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Yes this model is extremely reliable. I have my customers who use it and have been printed more than 10 million prints without any serious problems.

Some parts are possible to obtain, some-not...

All depends on what you need.

We have all manuals.

Please write to us to Dark side of the Moon/Private message.

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