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I want to buy a cheap machine used and the best Ko


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Good afternoon,

Dear brothers I am a photographer and I want to create a studio and a laboratory, but the economic situation in my country (Egypt Revolution) has become very difficult,

So I want to buy machine cheap, I do not know, I'm the best Konica (from the psychological point of view only), and I had a friend advise me to buy Konica 878 - that I installed a d-carrier-it, and thus we have obtained on a machine strong and excellent at the same time we convert it to a digital machine, (or semi-digital),

Do you have any offers for this proposal good,??

Do you have other offers to other suggestions,?

I am very weak my means material very, very, so I convinced my friend's advice (in relation to Kounkaa 878) advice where they meet the required purpose,

It is important now is that I create this studio, where I have a family, after the Egyptian Abrh submitted my resignation and I returned to the homeland, I am ready to accept any offers of this kind,

I hope someone can help me I really need help,

Respected Sir, I want the cheapest machine available to you, and not have to be machine produced by noritsu - can be produced by Konica - or Agfa - or kis - or even the production plant is unknown, it is important to be the cheapest machine on the face of the earth,,

My e-mail


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Good morning, my loved ones,

Thank you for your sympathy with me and your interaction with this humanitarian issue

My dear brother - Mr. (Maximum Member) on your advice, but Respected Sir This price is too high for my circumstances dire economic, all that DIY does not exceed $ 2500 of money -

My dear brother - Mr. (Board Moderator),, God bless you, thank You for the attempt to help me and thank you for your sympathy with me,,

Respected Sir - Mr. (NooB) - Moderator,

I hope that you forgive me and all the other brothers who are trying to help me, only this is the exception not the rule, Forum Name the original is a minilab-help and I am an Egyptian man poor, I was working in Kuwait, (in the profession of technical maintenance of copiers), I live and my family living (subsistence), and, after the triumph of the revolution, the Egyptian great - (Revolution 25 January) - surprised the Egyptians to treat very bad (racist treatment) by the government by ordinary citizens, as if the Egyptians did not have a right to rise up and are not entitled to be free of tyranny and corruption,

Arab countries bordering the Persian Gulf, countries that do not want Egypt to advance and prosper, and this for an important reason, is that the workforce in these countries are the hands of the working girl, and if conditions improve democracy in Egypt, it will be followed by an economic upturn and then will follow this Azorv Egyptian labor force working in the Gulf countries, and, of course, if he withdrew the Egyptians working in the Gulf will collapse these countries,

Therefore, the GCC governments to support the (corrupt Egyptian regime - the former) and that as a head of state is corrupt, it is excellent for them to remain in Egypt, the economic crises and then run away youth to work cheaply in the Gulf States, and this is what they want,

After the Egyptian revolution succeeded, we were surprised by the treatment of racial revenge in the very ugliness,

In light of this made a resignation of the work that I do - and wait until the day of 20/12/2011 - the last day for me to work (by the legal deadline) - and after this I will return to Egypt - my beloved - and I would like to set up a project studio and a laboratory - but my means material in a very bad - so the appeal was published in this forum to get help in this regard,

If the purpose of this appeal is the purpose of a human and not a commercial purpose,

It wants to help me so he does not want to trade as much as a man who wants to help the poor humanitarian assistance,

God bless all of you

This is my email again


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Dear sir

We supply all kind of minilabs  konica noritsu fuji gretag & for your requirement for konica  we have all kind of spare parts with all boards, racks lcd etc & for your kind information i am technician also for types of konica digital machine  so if u require any thing pls contact us.




Mob. 00971559470657

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Good morning again

In fact I am in the morning you browse the website of your company, and has impressed many of the items on the site, many pictures of the machines offer hope,

But what really puzzles me is these machines are available to you and can be purchased or is it only the images from here and there and is available to you, or perhaps they are available in the past,

Most of the images are pictures of Ojpti machines are old, or older models to a large extent

Since I am a poor man, I suffer so much in my country Egypt (after the revolution) have signed my eyes to the older models produced by Konica, and especially the Model 878,,

The question is, Is this machine in Active Is it already available to Kim

If the answer is yes, how much the price, although it's a machine analog,

Thank you

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