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Please Help!! - R2 Super 1000


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Please refer the attached scanned images and note the brown banding occurring on Fuji CA paper which is less or almost invisible on Kodak paper. The banding occurs parallel to the direction of print transport.

Scanned images are 4in x 6in prints made using 6 inch paper.

Head calibration made using 10 inch DNP Centuria A9 paper. Banding not visible on the calibration print. But banding persists on 6in Fuji paper.

Please help in identifying the problem which might be causing the banding.

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The reason comes of the chikness of the paper, Fuji CA paper it to thin to the R2 machine, the rollers need to be in very fine condition in the printer section.

Also Fuji CA paper it an analog paper and will not get enough light to make a probber image.

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