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    I have a R2 for two years. It works properly with KM paper. As the agent offers DNP paper to replace KM paper, it works fine. However, the print out of 4x6 becomes 152x100 mm for 152 paper. The advance lenght is 100mm when paper is used in the beginning, the advance length becomes 101mm when the paper half used. And the advance length becomes normal 102mm at the nearly end of paper.

    The service from noritus tech can't fix it.

    Would anyone give me some suggestion?

    Thanks a lot!


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It's to do with the cardboard paper core inside the paper mag. It's not turning properly when the roll is full because of the weight of the paper.

Try some Silicone spray or furniture polish on the plastic core inside the paper mag each time you change paper rolls. You should notice a difference immediately because there will be less friction.

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sir, have you tried using other mags and have it configured to 152 then perform tests (e.i. the 127 mag will be configured to 152 and vice versa). the cardboard paper you are referring shouldn't be rotating freely against the magazine core coz the machine is the one responsible for doing such task thanks to the belt and roller on the mag. you can also check the fixation screws of the mag core.

by the way, does your machine have a dual mag?

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