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Where are all the old Express members? We had some great posts on the old Kodak forum and loads of ideas etc. Most of the members at least know about Minilab Help and many have contributed on it lots of times so where are you all now? Lets all hear from you on the private forum!

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This area is a tricky one, and to some extend on that can and indeed will be treated with an element of suspicion. I can only assure any user, that minilabhelp.com will not pass on, divulge or realeas any information in the private area. If any member would like to become a moderator, so that you can pass on the password etc, then please do get in touch. As mentioned before, I have my own opinions etc, but these are 100% kept seperate to the sections that we have here on these forums, and as such private sections are just that. I am trying to offer a solution, for KEX members, and am more than open to suggestions to if I am getting this wrong, or indeed right...

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