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blue smudges next to black areas


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As above, If after doing the exposure position correction you are still getting bleed you will need to go into Menu → Extension → Setup → Paper Setup → F Functions → NCE Mode.

Start off with a correction of -100 -100 -100 in the balance memory, then put in corrections as required to make the boxes as neutral as possible.

It is always a compromise between good black text on a white background and good white text on a black background.

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Thanks alot guys,  it definatelly helped a little. However, i have reached maximum correction for Cyan in NCE mode ( C -150 in Balance Memory ) and there is still a little bit of blue overspill. I am attaching one more photo for you to see - look by the womens hair how the blue spills on to her face. Anymore suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you follow the suggestion from Minilab service above, laser alignment first and thats worth getting a loop on the test print to pick the best alignment.

Your sample is hard to view on here but it has a general cyan look a small correction in paper balance may help. also if you need a bit more on NCE mode you can add equal amounts of yellow and magenta to get a bigger minus cyan correction. The big minus correction that Dave S mentioned is to reduce exposure, your black should not be as dark and this should improve bleed, Big corrections can affect the grey mid-tones so don't go mad

What paper are you using?

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Hi guys,

just an update on this:

-changed chemicals - problem still there

-checked paper type, did all the alignments and calibrations posibile but the problem still there.

-used up the NCE mode  corection range, it only helped a little.

Basically,  the problem is that the black is too black and this is what causes the bleed. If you have any advice on how I can reduce the black density it should  solve the issue.

-someone adviced me to rebuild the LUT's but I dont know where to find this data and how to do this. If you have any instructions on this they are very welcome.

Thank you all for your time,

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