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3001 please help


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Friend my 3001 machine have been giving me these two error messages at the same time:

6106-0001 - G. Laser Light source status error

6073-0001- Sychronous sensor error.

I took the G laser board and tried i in another machine and it is working

I have also checked all AOM's in another machine and they work.

Meanwhile now all the prints comes out with more yellowish even after the daily set up.

Any one with helpful suggestion please so that I can fix the problem??

Thanks in advance for a help.

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If you've tested the AOM drivers and the green driver board the problem will probably be with the laser unit itself. This is assuming all the wiring is connected up correctly to the right place.

It is very easy to mix up the cables for the AOM drivers.

What software version is the machine running?

Have you tested the laser with the laser test software to see if it is only the green laser that is giving a problem?

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Hello. If you have 6106-0001 - G. Laser Light source status error, than it is not AOM driver fault. Perhaps you have A - type laser unit on QSS30. 6073-0001- Red synchronous sensor error you have because Red laser is not light due 6106-0001 error ( no ON signal on R laser head from laser pcb ) . I had the same situation on QSS30 some time ago. All errors disappeared after G laser head repair.

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Hello Jida,

Please note that software is not for laser test.

It was created to find out the level when synchronization begins.

In your case it seems that your green laser is defective and need to be replaced to the new one (for example: our production) or with refurbished module.

We can help you in it.

Please send me email to info@minilablaser.com and I will quote you at the same day.

Currently we prepare ourselves for Photokina exhibition in Cologne. Please come to visit us there : Hall 6.1 booth F027.

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