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QSS 2921 DLS


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Hi All,

I am trying to help a lab owner that has a QSS 2921 DLS.

The problem is that he has thrown away the original IPW PC(IBM 6866) and built in his mind a quicker PC. The problem is that with building the quicker PC so long ago it's now starting to fail. The PC motherboard is on its way out.

So there lies the problem at hand. Not only does the recovery not work, which we have devised a work around. What ever PC motherboard we get, the OS is going to be out of date and drivers will not work. The DLS software runs on W2K. So if we change the PC motherboard, we have to change everything else as well......RAM, CPU......

What I am asking the forum is, has anyone been able to load the DLS software on a newer Win OS or any other OS? Does it run with no problems? Was it difficult to change over?

Remember the the DLS software come from NT4 days and was upgraded to W2K with version 3.0 DLS.


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Sorry CK, I think you're stuck with Win2K.  I don't think it's possible to use XP or Win7.  I didn't bother.

For our QSS-2901 we upgraded in '09 and installed Win2K and even though it was a "newer" motherboard, Win2K and Win2K SP3 installed just fine.

Just make sure the motherboard has enough standard PCI slots for all the cards (PCBs) needed to run your DLS machine, and at least (1) 9-pin COM: port, and at least 2 USB slots.

Check eBay for an older motherboard with the above minimums.  They probably would come with the CPU and memory as they're not usable on any newer motherboards using DDR-3...  Get it for next to nothing too.  OOOH!  Here's one on eBay (South Africa) with an 3.2GHz CPU (buy-it-now for $16 !!!)  (It's the exact same MB we used.)


Find out how many PCBs you have in the Computer, and make sure this one has enough for you BEFORE you buy it.  

BTW: Getting the newest fastest CPU WILL NOT make the machine print faster.   The Image Processing PCB is the bottleneck... It can only go so fast.  And get a faster NIC card; we got a cheap PCI-E GigaBit card <$15.

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