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2901 Paper transport problems


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Hi Big Dave !

Thats not a table but is my counter! Good old Tasmanian Oak which is a hardwood.

I don't think the bit has come off a magazine though. Is it from something to do with the way the inside of the printer interacts with one of the magazines?

I can see that I may end up looking like an idiot when someone tells me the simple answer to this problem but at the moment we can't print!

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For your paper feed problem, could it be the roll tensioner  (side plate to hold paper roll on roller) is on too tight ?

What is the actual problem when feeding paper ?  DETAILS man we need DETAILS !   ;)

Mag A or B, is it a new roll of paper ? , who added the paper into the magazine ?  Do they have a history of "screwing" things on too tight ?  

Any changes to the Mag ? like setting up for a new size paper ?  (I screwed this up when I got a new Mag and setup for 5" paper... it was off by 1 little track, and would forever mangle the first print on every job)

Have you tried cleaning all the big rubber rollers in the paper path, or the paper's not feeding from the mag ?  Did you clean the little rubber rollers in the magazine ?  Does it rewind OK ?  Just having problems feeding OUT of the Mag ?

On a side note, our store counters are all White Laminate from the mid-1980's !  And they're showing their age.... These things don't age gracefully.

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The bit that has fallen off from the left door is used to open the light shutter for both magazines.

Without this little roller the machine has to try and push the paper through the closed felt shutter! This is why you are having paper feed problems!

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