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Hello. You have problem with carrier ( not scanner) . I had similar fault on fer QSS29. I think your error is caused by multi power supply ZT170-5FF  made by Nemic Lambda ( Densei Lambda ) . Check it at first. Also can be problems with image processing pcb or their application. Check fans, rams, clean dust in all this section. Also this error can cause computer itself - motherboard, power supply and etc.

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Yes of course it is the carrier, not the scanner! As soon as I posted I picked up on that!

Now is that power supply something I can check through the diagnostics on the screen or is some sort of physical check needed?

And is that the most likely thing?

The slide carrier is the only thing that isn't working and it does work to the point that the drive motor moves the slide over to the scanning area before it fails to proceed!

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The best would be to check power supply with oscilloscope ( you can see voltage and noise ) . At first check voltages, which goes to the carrier, then other voltages too. Of course you can't see voltages in minilab menu. You can replace power supply with other working. Many times had to repair this power supply .

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