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Weird line in prints 3501i


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Here is a sample picture with the problem. At the naked eye, it looks like a dark line, but when I scanned it, I discovered that the dark line is not a line as you can see easily in the close up of the woman’s hands.

Even in the “unaffected area” now we can see a pattern of lines not visible before and that reaches the white border of the print. We thought that something was wrong and the Noritsu was making this white border, which turned to be these weird lines or whatever they are.

So far, we have called two different services:

#1 Said “I’ve never seen that before, excuse me but I don’t know that is it”

#2 Noritsu official Service left us waiting until… next Monday? We don’t know.

I hope you can give me some ideas.



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It looks like the paper is stopping in the exposure advance, check and clean rollers, belt and the large pullies at the back then follow the print through into the arm unit.

Check the small plastic arm with the bearing that opens up the arm unit to receive the print. They do break and the paper will stop when it hits the un-open arm.

Is the White edge trailing or leading edge?

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Dear Magenta, you were perfectly right!

It was the small plastic arm you mentioned. The service could fix it and, since this was the second time that part failed, we bought a replacement for the next time.

The white was in the trailing edge.

Thank you!


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Unfortunately, my English is very short, nevertheless I'll try to help  you.

I need more information.

1. Print three "Sample 5" on 152mm paper and three "Sample 5" on 203mm paper (Menu: 2260 → Extension → Setup → Laser Setup → Paper Specification Registration/Setup - F - Print Check).

2. Mark the rear end of this prints (It is that edge where is backprint text).

3. Sort bands on stable and unstable on all prints.

4. Measure distance of stable bands from the front end and rear end on paper 152vvmm and 203 mm.

5. Measure distance between repeating unstable bands on paper 203mm.

6. Report results of all measurements.


Also, please, specify model of your minilab.

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Kodak. My Minilab is 3501i ibeam I don't have the lasersetup menu item but i am doing the same on ibeam setup. i will add the measures you say soon.

I have taken out the exposure unit and I noticed that the marks appear when the 3rd pressure roller starts working.
We are checking pressures and bearings for good work

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I uploaded two new files to https://docs.google.com/folderview?id=0B1_DOx2hEjQ_WjE1UVpOVG5sQnc&usp=docslist_api

a close up photo and a video of the off centered pulley that controls the pressure rollers in the exposition working

I found a little bump in a "supposed" flat part of the piece.

Do you think that could be making the lines? Should I sand that bump?post-723-0-57011500-1379546284_thumb.jpg

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I couldnt find any stable line in any paper.


paper 152 :

First print Lines at: 20mm,113mm,207mm,302mm

Second print Lines at:30mm, 102mm, 111mm, 196mm, 206mm, 290mm, 300mm

Third print Lines at: 26mm, 81mm, 176mm, 208mm, 272mm, 302mm


paper 203 :

First print Lines at: 17mm, 62mm, 123mm, 158mm, 253mm

Second print Lines at:17mm, 49mm, 78mm, 183mm, 240mm, 277

Third print Lines at: 75mm, 64mm, 84mm, 140mm, 159mm, 179mm, 254mm, 279mm


These are the pics od 3 papers over each otherpost-723-0-28918100-1380222373_thumb.jpgpost-723-0-25876400-1380222376_thumb.jpg


Full res pic : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1_DOx2hEjQ_TUpXNjNQQ0V0V2s/edit?usp=sharing

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Hi to you, i solved a similar problem on a qss 3300  3 years ago. The problem was with the exposure advance unit. In your case

replace the following part/number and see if there will be any change with print quality.

1) A084406-01 BUSHING

2) A083748-01 PULLEY

3) A084405-01 BUSHING

Problem was the tension on the belt around the pulley was too high, and as a result excesive wear took place around  one

end of the pulley shaft and the two bushing/bearing through witch the end pass. At a glance it will apears as if all is turning

smoothly when it's not, and as a result those micro delays are showing up as inconsistent thin black lines on your prints.

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