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Noritsu \w D-carrier printing blank/white paper


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Hello, I'm a photographer from Croatia..

I have printing problems on D-carrier for last 3 weeks. It prints only white/blank paper with D-carrier even though D-carrier seems to be working just fine. On the other side, in analog mode (without D-carrier mask) it works just fine. Do you have any idea what might cause this problem?

Please help. Thank you in advance!

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Try unplugging the cables from the back of the d carrier deck both the round plug and also the dvi cable and reconect /reseat them again.

it is usually a common problem with these cables over time they sometimes come loose with lifting the decks on and off the machine also try looping the cables over the back of the machine where they wont get moved about so often.

also when unplugging the dvi cable from the back of the deck while computer and monitor is on the monitor should go blank temporarily when cable is unplugged this will confirm system is ok, but a fault lies within the cable connections somewhere.

let me know how you get on hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your help. We managed to make it work after replacing the cables after few times.

problem i have know, picture isn't centered as it should be but there's a white stripe on the right side of the picture. any idea how to fix that?

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i am italian digital carrier service technician in Turkey.

if your white part is short side (if you use 102mmand print 102x152mm) you can adjust from minilab side ,print channel ,expose correction.

if it is long side , you can adjust from shift vertical.

or mail to me more help.


istanbul -Turkey

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