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D701 for trade show


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We purchased a Noritsu D701 a while back and it works great. We use eZlab for cards,calanders and rip some images with Wasatch to a shared folder on the RIP pc on the D701. We are thinking of taking the printer to a trade show to show off our inks. Anyway, for testing purposes , I removed printer from the lab (many different printers on a small network with static IPs) and put it in our foyer of our business and now eZlab will not recognize the printer itself. I thought something got damaged but after a little trial and error, realized that it needed to be connected to a network. Once I did that, the rip PC recognized the printer and all became fully functional again. Now my dilemma and lack of knowledge. There must be a way to set it up without a network and still use ezLAb. I need to be able to travel around and show our inks. I would really prefer not to purchase some expensive software that will not add to the usefulness of the printer in my situation. If anyone could point me in the right direction or website, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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I apologize for late response. I decided to get a wireless router and set it up and now printer is working fine not connected to anything but the router (pc to router then router to printer.) I have also upgraded to XP SP3 to give an EYE-FI sd card a shot. It seems to work fine. Now as I get further into the project, some other items are coming up. The show is in Germany which is 220v. I know there is a process for converting the printer to 220 but what about the attached pc and monitor and router!?! Now the team is looking into getting a printer locally in Germany to avoid conversion but I still have the software on the the pc here that would need to be setup. If I figure out a solution to the power, can I ship the pc I have (with the insalled software already) and connect to a different printer with no issues? I know I see a serial number in the D701 software but I don't know if it uses it or just shows it to me. I am also trying to automate the order process in EZLab. The desired process is to use a camera and take a picture. The EYE-FI card wirelessly sends picture to RIP pc. EZLab to automatically create an order for 1 - 6x4 print and then print it. I am trying to figure out the hot folder in EZLab with no success. Am I in the right area? Is something else needed? I do appreciate the help.Thank you.

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You're selling your own INKS ??  for the D701 ??

PM me and tell me your company name !  I have several friends that would be interested, assuming the price is right !

Yes, Hotfolders would be the way to go, but I don't know enough about that to be able to help you.

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