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Noritsu 3011


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Hello people, can anyone help me please?

I have recently set up a second hand Noritsu 3011 in my mini-lab to find out that it has no data stored in its memory what so ever.  So i have started the machine from scratch.

I have had a Noritsu engineer out to align the lasers, alter the focus and zoom, and he tinkered with a few other settings whilst he was here.  Everything works great except for when printing negatives, I get dust marks on the prints.  I have installed the DIGITAL ICE disk and the Noritsu engineer came back out to check the focus as he said if this isn't spot on, the DIGITAL ICE will not work correctly.  Focus is perfect he has assured me.  Still getting the odd dusty mark.  

The machine is absolutly crystal clear clean, the neg mask is spotless.  Is there anything else I can do or clean to make the dusty marks disappear??

Your help is greater appreciated


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The only problems I have had with Digital ICE have been when the mark is made worse by the image been a few microns next to the mark, it shows as a plus density. Your engineer was correct in saying that focus has to be spot on, also it should be done with a new lamp and all clean. As the filament in the lamp gets old and sags the focus changes so an old lamp is not good for the accuracy of the ICE

D ICE is good but it will not remove everything, try turning off ICE and see if it is at least getting rid of the worst. You may be surprised just how good a job its doing.

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did the service engeneer made the focus auto adjustment? If he made it manually searching the  highest focus value the dust removal doesn't work correctly. Dust will look like Ice crystals or similar. And another thing: Never ever install a program for burning CD's like Nero or similar. It will overwrite an important DLL used by the scanner and you will get also such kind of problems.

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Here's a few pages from the Noritsu Engineers Training Manual which explains  how the scanner and Digital Ice works (and doeesn't).

As far as not installing  proprietory CD burning software, like Nero.  As an ex-field tech I always installed Nero on the customer's QSS so they could burn in the background. Never had any problems or HD crashes. With PC's so cheap these days you just wouldn't bother to bloat your QSS HD with any unecessary applications. I'm talking about a time when more often than not, the ony PC in a photolab was probably the one running the printer.

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Hi Guys

I bought a noritisu 2901 and took it to Africa it is now a while since I took it there and to my surprise it is not working I was told it was the laser gun issues which I managed to sort out but now it gives me synchronous sensor error with out additional numbers .can any one help me in this issue.

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