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2901 scanner problem


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First try fitting a new lamp to eliminate that as the cause.

If you still get the same symptoms of the lamp turning off and on the most likely problem will be the lamp power supply overheating.

The usual cause of this are the cooling fans being clogged up with dust.

Shut the PC down and switch off the machine from the breaker switch before doing the following.

Take off the side panel where the USB & Network connections are; right at the bottom is a try that pulls out after removing a few screws, the Lamp power supply is on the left hand side, there are 2 of them the same. One is for the MLVA the other is for the scanner.

Clean all the cooling fans, remove the top aluminium plate for the power supply and blast all the dust out with canned air etc

Now put everything back, but leave the side panel off for now.

Switch on the breaker and start up the machine, check all the cooling fans are running, if OK put the cover back on and you should be good to go.

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