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How to enter service mode on QSS-2901


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Without floppy you can use daily password calculator to calculate password. It's the same way to enter password ( F and -1 ) . There are password calculators for computer and mobile phone. For example for today password is 8238.

If time after time you have small stripes on the prints probably it is problem with drive voltage pcb ( common fault in QSS29 ) . Many times had to repair this board. Of course at the beginning save all service data in service mode and make all adjustments for MLVA. If after that uniformity will be unstable you will have to repair drive voltage pcb or change it.

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Thanks, got into service mode and did the Load Voltage Adjustment.  Still has some issues with lines on the right hand size of a 12 inch print.  I have attached a copy of the issue.  Prints still come out great on 6" prints, but the metallic paper really shows these lines.  We've had past issues with the MLVA shutting off so we've replaced the MLVA power supply, Current Detection PCB, Printer PCB and the chemistry is all in balance.  Any ideas?

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The issue may not be the same, but the procedure to try and resolve it is.

So follow the post especially reply No.10 and it should solve your problem.

Don't forget to fit a new MLVA lamp and clean the optical path and do a service backup before doing anything.

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