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print small text becomes straw-colored brass


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I had a problem with the QSS-3701. if I print an image that has little text there will be yellow. or if there is a small black text and white background it will be yellowish in color brass. try to replace AOM was breathing but not solve the problem.

anyone know a solution?

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if you have initialize data cd 2 or 3 of you machine reinstall it or if not then go qss printer  then setup  and when you go to extension then paswood required  paswood is 2260

and go extension laser setup printer machinacel adjmint and set the chat of focus  and your problem was solve

sorry for bad english

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Run Black balance in Laser setup, its one of the F functions found at the bottom of the page, do the auto then if no better the manual. It produces a sample print and you can use minus yellow or yellow green to improve.

It needs quite big numbers to make any significant change in colour

Check laser alignment as suggested

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Black balance manual.

Print a sample, its shows very small text on white background and white text on black. You will see the text has a colour cast/bleed, your description is yellow.

you have 3 boxes for colour corrections, try -20Y and try again. You are aiming for better or no bleed but keep an eye on the grey boxes as these may go blue if you go to far.

Japan always say you should only use minus corrections?? its not always possible..

This will change the colour of your blacks slightly but you can make big improvements.

You do need to check exposure position as above to ensure the Red Green and Blue lasers are all on top of each other. Black balance is the only option if this is good

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Minus 20 was only a suggested starting point. I can not remember what the maximum correction is n a 37

Try a bigger correction and it may respond to +Magenta correction. Adding equal amounts of red and green have the same effect. You can see it has changed as the grey patch is colder so its going the right way

If you get it better you will need to add the same correction to all paper sizes in the same way from the pulldown paper width surface.

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Black balance will only affect the black. If you print a lot of black background montage type prints you will see only a change in the darkest blacks not other colours.

You don't say what paper you are using but Kodak Supra always had a warm reddish black, when they changed to Supra VC it was very cyan green,

The colour cast on small text was the same as the blacks. If you liked the warm blacks the new paper looked very cold and the only place to trim this was in black balance manual.

When you run daily set up it will adjust some of the DMax correction out but it does work.

It is possible to change the LUT within the software and these can be modified to reduce the DMax target for daily setups, so the black is lighter and you then have less fog effect on the small text, this is very tricky and NOT supported by Japan

The only other option is to generate your own profiles but again these are big boys games,

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Did you put in -20.0 or was it -2.0 you put in?

The input range is -20.0 to +20.0 on all 3 colours. It is recommended to only put in a - correction when possible.

I personally put in an equal - correction on all 3 colours to loose the bleed in the black box with the white cross in it, then put in a colour correction as necessary to ensure the grey patches are grey.

It is always going to be a compromise, between good dark black lettering on a white background and good white lettering on a black background.

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