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D701 automatic printing


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Afternoon, all.

We have a D701 and EZLab software.Our CEO wants to be able to take a picture with a bluetooth enabled camera/phone and be able to send the bmp or jpg to the D701 RIP pc and then it prints automatically.I have been trying to figure out the hot folder setup in EZLab but cannot seem to get anything to print.Does anyone know where I can find a good manual for setting this up? I am not real familiar with EZLab.I find there is an "Orders\Inbox" folder setup in the devices and it is enabled.I changed processing time to 1 minute. I paste a jpg into the Inbox folder and nothing happens.I am thinking the first problem is the "order" part. A jpg is not an order.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

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Hi montana16,

I have sent you a PM.

Just some points to consider if you haven't already done so on your CEO's proposal:

Usually it is best to accumulate images via say a Kiosk where custom order can then be made.

Collecting Bluetooth images along the lines you suggest might lead to one image per order

You need to be able to control the copy count, paper size and surface (unless you intend to use DPOF)

You need to be mindful of sufficient resolution for the desired print size to ensure optimal quality

Best of luck :)

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