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QSS-3101 Initial Setup problem

Dave S

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Hi guys I am having a set up issue with a Noritsu QSS-3101.

I want to change from Kodak paper to Fuji paper. I did the initial setup on the Fuji profile the print results were as in the picture. There were no errors during the initial setup only when the green/yellow daily set up print was attempted did the machine error set up error.

Prior to doing the initial set up the machine was printing completely normally.

I did the initial set up twice, both results were the same.

In the end I had to load in the old back up data, and do a few daily setups on the Fuji paper to bring it into balance (on the Kodak data)

I am rather concerned that the AOM Bias updating 1 print is so far out.

Do you think this is a data problem or a problem with the laser or AOM etc?

Any suggestions gratefully received


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I think the green AOM driver is the G type (the position of the digital connector is closer to the middle rather than near the top for the newer drivers).

I was thinking probably it is an AOM driver issue, but what I find strange is the machine is printing completely normally on the old setup data.

Do you know which number AOM bias test print is for what colour AOM?

I thought 1 was red, 2 was green and 3 was blue?

I'm going to try and get back there and do some AOM driver swapping and see what happens!

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Hello. Yes it G, if connector is almost on the middle. This s typical fault for old type AOM drivers ( models up to J ) . Had similar faults few times. When you make initial setup at the beginning software do not drive electronic potentiometer. AOM driver works in the middle power ( on the print )  and max power ( on laser beam synchronization position ) . When you do AOM bias characteristic updating software adjust it ( decrease and increase ) . After that AOM driver can't return to initial position and due this reason you have green prints.

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