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3101 sensor error


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SENSOR  ERROR . 3101,  can some one help me . error 6063, ,  pre- pressure advance  error,

and paper advance unit 2 lane  operation error. 6020-0001.

i have removed  the sensors in my other machine 3011 and fixed to it  but did not work  but  the sensors i removed from the troubled 3101 when i fixed  it to 3011 it works very well .. i don't know what to do  can some one help me

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Dear Profs,

I'm not trying to steal the original problem reported in this post, but trust that anybody can still benefits from all your advice.

I currently have similar problem with my 2611.

error message is :6021-01 reverse unit right vertical operation error.

I notice that the right hand lift motor is not working and feels hot when last checked.

my technician is stuck as he could not solve this since 4 days now. he swapped the motor to the left side and it worked, so the motor is good. not sure it could be the PCB.

what could be my problem?

note please; before this last problem, each the printer is switched on, there will be error code 6017-10, and that paper has jammed in reverse unit. I will normally open the doors and close them, clear the message and resume work.

many thanks for your help.

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