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2611 Index Printer


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Well, here's that old guy with all the old stuff again... ;)

Thanks mostly to others on this forum, who got me pointed in the right direction!  Now, as is typical with minilabs, I have encountered a brand new glitch that I'm trying to figure out. The problem is that I can't find out how to delete the original machine owner's logo from my index prints. The index printer works beautifully otherwise...I just can't get rid of the old logo!

Any help would of course, be much appreciated!

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Create an image in Photoshop that is 164 pixels high and 494 pixels wide, insert your logo text etc into this image, flatten any layers, press CTRL  i to invert the image. Now select save as LOGOV001.dat  in raw format, header 0, click Non interleaved order, say ok to next message.

Now delete the .raw extension from the file you have just saved (you may need to un-tick the "hide extension for known file types" box in Windows folder options). Filename must be LogoV001.dat for the machine to read it.

Copy file onto a floppy disk.

Insert disk into the 2611 floppy drive, from the normal printing screen press the Form key, then Shift Yes, select Reading of VFP logo data.

To re-open logo in Photoshop click open as, select raw format, make sure the width and height are as above, count 3, interleaved box un-ticked, depth 8 bits, header 0 press OK, press CTRL i to invert image.

Hope that helps!

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Your response was highly appreciated, quite clear and concise! Unfortunately, the copy of Photoshop I have is Limited Edition 4.0 which came bundled with one of my PCs, on which I'm running Windows 2000. I mention this, because I am unclear, or it cannon be done with my version, as to how to create a .dat file, or convert to one. Do I need to get a different version, as perhaps photoshop elements, or an ancillary program?

Please note, that I chose "analogman" as it fits my photo preferences and capabilities, although I'm stumbling toward connecting a CT-1 to my 2611, or perhaps even a CT-X which I also bought at one of those "cant-pass-it-up" deals!

Should you have any suggestions, I will be extremely happy to hear of them!


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Yes you will need a full version of Photoshop not the LE version to use the RAW file option.

I'm sure you can pick up an old version of Photoshop 5, 6 or 7 very cheaply. Think the latest is 12 now!

Well strictly speaking the 2611 is an analogue printer that can do index prints.

I personally wouldn't bother even trying trying to utilize the VFP for digital prints. The quality will be poor, and the print speed is painfully slow. Not to mention the nightmare uniformity correction process! Don't go there!

So I'm not sure what use a CT Kiosk will be to you on this machine.

Maybe a digital neg carrier option would suite you? It really depends on what your intended use for this machine is for.

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