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Noritsu Laser Repair


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Dear all,

I have a noritsu 3201 sd, 6074-0010 B laser control error occur. i've replacing the laser control pcb, aom b, b laser driver, laser power supply and also multi power supply. but this error still occur. could you give me any advise to solve the problem.

thank you

Best regards,


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Hello. Do you have only one error - 6074-0010 ( A communication or control error occurred between the laser control PCB and the laser unit ) ? Maybe you have some other errors too ? Which laser type do you have ( A1, B1 or Ff - can see it in software version check menu ) ?

Many boards can cause 6074-0010 error - Laser control PCB , Laser I/O PCB, laser driver, multi power supply, laser power supply or even laser unit.

I see you already changed some boards. Now check both power suppliers outputs ( voltages ) . Also try to run laser diagnostic software ( for QSS32 series ) . Tell me about testing results. Also write laser type, other errors ( if you have ) and do you have correct voltages on power suppliers. If your all boards is good and you have A1 or Ff type laser units probably laser head will be faulty ( problem with EEPROM or some other ) . Try to reset laser ( if you have A1 or Ff ), check all connectors beside laser unit.

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