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QSS 2711 DLS and MP1600


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I need some help on a QSS 2711 DLS and MP1600. The IPW on the DLS went down and could not be resurrected due to the nature of the programming and recovery method, the components are not functioning i.e. the plextor CD writer.

I have built the customer another PC with off the shelf components and loaded the software. There is however some issues. CD burning is not functional, no Plextor available. That's OK as there is the CD export function which is available.

The real issue is uniformity. SCSI is dead in SA. There is no support and sales of SCSI. So I am looking for a 68 pin to 50 pin SCSI converter or a SCSI 1 to 50 pin SCSI cable. This is needed to get the Micro Teck 9600 XL flatbed scanner to connected to the Adaptec SCSI card in the PC. If you have stock can we purchase a unit if not can you put me in touch with a company that has.

If we cannot achieve the above mentioned, is there a way that we can perform uniformity on a stand alone system and load the uniformity to the MP1600.

Any help with regard to this will be greatly appreciated.

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