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Noritsu S1 Film Scanner


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Not sure what you mean by desk top? direct to a PC so you can scan films? If so NO it will not work.

The scanner exports via a LVDS cable to an LVDS PCB in the PC it also has an Arcnet PCB that uses fiber optic cable to communicate. The PC via software controls the movement of the motors and scanner. The latest ones are just moving into USB


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Dave. You are right.

Its a USB Scanner. My PC detects the scanner and scanner software starts too. It says upgrading software and then fails. The seller gave me copy of dDP softwares which came with EZmall for dDP, i read thru manuals and seems EZMall should be used for scanning films and check the attached image with this post.

My problem is the scanner fails in initialization. If anyone have experience with this scanner or have a service manual will help me.

Check attached images.

thanks for your help.



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I made the scanner work. There was some issue in the mechanical movement of the scanner. Found that a spoket was broken. Upon replacing the parts scanner works fine.

I had to purchase a Focus Chart from Noritsu cost me around 120usd to focus scanner before I could use it.

Thanks for all your help.

ImageColor if you need my help. pls contact 00919932629238



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New Noritsu film scanner is HS-1800(high capacity),LS-1100(medium capacity),LS-600(low capacity).

This scanner can work by stand alone scanner like other ussual film scanner connect to PC (with usb cable).

With 3rd party software(ex:photoshop) can scan the film (negative, positive or B/W film).

Install the software (TWIN DRIVER) that the scanner type.

In the PC there is Scannaer Program (ex:HS-1800), run that program and make calibration the scanner (focus adjustment, afc adjustment, light source registration, etc) then you can use it with 3rd party software like photoshop, etc.

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