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speed on mp1600


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There are many options.

1. Change to QSS3701, IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF MONEY.  :P

2. Change your PC to Core 2 Quad 9000 Serie or Core i7 3000 Serie, but you must select to buy the motherboard having at least 1 PCI slots to fit the LVDS Card to connect the MP1600.

    Then you must install the machine to Windows 2000/XP 32bits, install the drivers and install all the Noritsu Software.  ;)

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Wen run a 3202 and use Irfanview to downsize large orders from hi res cameras.

We batch convert them down to 1200px high and it works great. What little time it takes to run the conversion is more than outweighed by the time saving in the printing of the files.

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