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shutter motor driver off

Sait Terekli

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Dear Friends,

i would like to turn off qss 2211 or 2301 shutter motor . i do not want to use it anymore.

i use the minilab only for digital media , it is installed  digital carrier on the minilab.(italian carrier GPE led system, e filming, etc.).

i use only digital carrier , i do not use analog system. so, if it is possible to turn off shutter motor off.

because there is an alarm shutter motor driver is out of order...how can i delete this alarm from software or

how can make anything from the electronic board from minilab... if you know anything about this, please help me.

i can try it on minilab.

Best wishes

Sait Terekli

istanbul - Turkey

my mail is: saitterekli@hotmail.com

mobil:+90 533 712 44 27

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Hello. In your motor driver big integrated circuit SH2089 ( made by Sanyo ) will be faulty. You can find SH2089 in QSS19, QSS23 motor drivers or buy it on Internet. By the way : this integrated circuit is repairable. You can open this i.c. cover and there will be bare FET or SMD resistors faulty.

To run without motor driver you have to make some emulator and only then minilab will see that motor rotates. Of course you will have to print  digital prints.

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