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MP-1600 'Focus Check Print'


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Hey folks,

Can anyone give me some information about how to read the MP-1600 'Focus Check Print' (attached)?  Particularly, comparing the scanned print to one from another printer, the magenta 'A' and 'B' lines through the center are not the same (they are on the other printer) and the '1/3 AB' and '1/5 AB' patches on either end and the center (between the '1/2' and '1/3' patches) don't match each other (they do on the other printer). How should it be adjusted to address both of those issues?

For background, we replaced the MLVA head unit with one from another printer (both were having issues that could possibly be head related, we swapped them (after several other attempted fixes) to see if one printer would wind up with both issues, or if they would switch, or otherwise what would happen) and suddenly it would not read uniformity prints, so that got us looking at focus.  We got it adjusted to the point that it will read and accept uniformity prints, but it still doesn't match what the other printers are doing, so we'd like to try to get to that point.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!


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