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mp1600 9201 error


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Mp1600 error:  image control unit communication error ASC:00 ASCQ:00

Iv've checked connections, replaced scsi board, replaced dimm, and replaced the image processing pcb.  When i print a quantity from one file, I get 3 good prints, then blank(white) paper for the rest.  any ideas?



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I tried to print 8"x10" instead of 5"x7" and have printed almost 1,500 of the same file without error.  I have a couple of 5x7 jobs to do and will just print them 2up on 10x7's then cut them in half.  I think you(Polloda) might be correct....I'll reinstall the H003 software in the mp1600.  

Thanks for the idea!  I would never have considered software.


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