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Just curious what do you hope to gain from such a conversion? You could use the remote software on a newer box and pipe it into the backend of the software. Or as I did, upgrade the front end computer to a faster box but keep it on older, less troublesum (can you legally use that word and windoze in the same sentence?) OS version.

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I don't see how this would ever work. The problems in regards to software conflicts would be huge. I remember when 2 kodak guys updated me to win 2000 from win98 and that was a nightmare. I have been lucky enough in the distant past to have spoken to 3 of the Kodak people who wrote/built the DLS software and systems. Continuing updates were planned but of course never implemented. Our mp 1600 died an agonizing and expensive death 2 years this past November. We kept the DLS server and the SI 1080 scanner for 2 more years to scan film to a folder for our new D1005 and then it finally died this fall. My belief is that to keep a DLS going you will have to scavenge original spec parts from where ever you can get them. Upgrading to something as new as win 7 or as quirky as win Vista would be an exercise in futility. Just the opinion of a 12 year DLS user.

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