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MP 1600 error 9400-xx


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Here's the relevant info from the service manual:

Error No. 9400-11

1. The ATX mother board of the digital printer processor

cannot transmit the data to the advance control PCB.

Error No. 9400-12

1. The ATX mother board of the digital printer processor

cannot receive the data from the advance control PCB



Error No. 9400-11, 12

(1) Failure in the optical fiber cable

(2) Failure in the advance control PCB

(3) Failure in the ISA-exposure control I/F PCB

(4) Failure in the digital printer processor ATX mother board

(5) Failure in the PS1

(6) Failure in the printer relay PCB

I'd tend to say that diagnosis list is in pretty good order of probability.  Make sure all your fiber optic cables are well connected and in the right places; the ones with a white band go in the white sockets, the ones without go in the black.  And make sure they have good, clean ends.  Make sure all the ISA/PCI/etc. cards are seated properly.

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