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dots on prints 2901


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Hi I'm a new member and I want to forgive my english ,

I print from file and the picture has red dots, so I make some tests

1.  I get the original file and just save it as bmp (the att.file is a jpg from the bmp) the picture has the dots

2.  I use the original file as target in monitor calibration procedure the picture print clear

any help?

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The first thing I would check is the 2 large fans on the side of the printer are working (where the USB and Network connections are)

Next thing is to clean all the dust off the image processing PCB and image correction PCB's.

If your machine has the old style image pro PCB remove and re-fit the 3 RAM modules.

Next remove and re-fit the 2 image correction PCB's.

Does this problem also happen when you print from negative?  

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