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PCB 2 & 3 related to Digital Ice/Film Scanner?


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Is there any relationship between PCB 2 & 3 and Digital Ice or Film scanner on Noritsu QSS3011?

We are doing software upgrade on our machine and it terminates on Digital Ice. There is no film scanner connected. My colleague seem to think that these two PCBs are directly linked to Digital Ice. I think they have no relation.

Who is right and how?

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Hello. If you do not use scanner ( it is disconnected ) then you can remove digital ice board too. Digital ice board is for film scanner only. perhaps you are talking about image processing PCB 2 and image processing PCB 3. If They are 3 parts of image processing pcb. If I remember well Digital ice pcb is connected with mage processing PCB 1 . ( mage processing PCB 2 connected with computer and mage processing PCB 3 connected with CAU circuit ) .

If you remove digital ice pcb you can unregister it 9 in operator selections ) and uninstall digital ICE software ( in Windows add - remove menu ) .

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