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2611 Write to flash error 6801-51


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I'm trying to get my 2611 up and running after being out of service for just over a year. All the chemistry was drained, flushed and so on, but my problem is in attempting to reload the software.  I'm using version A013.  I put disk 1A in the machine, power up as per normal, and it seems to load OK, then install 1B, which likewise apparently loads OK. Then when I put in 1C, it appears to be loading, but when it gets to 90% I get a fatal error, with red top band, continuous beep, and the message telling me of a failure in loading flash. Error number is 6801-51.  I have tried all the obvious stuff, checking cables, attempting to reload numerous times, even bleeding the super capacitors down before reloading.

Here's the rest of the specifics: Boot Flash EEPROMS in the machine are BF-0152, BF-0153, BF-0154, BF-0155. No external equuipment, do have 4" printer, second magazine. I have many boards from another machine I bought at a damaged freight auction, and have replaced the main controller board, sub main controller board, image transfer board, and the IPF control board, one at a time and with no repair!  I'm pretty good with computer controls in general as I made my living that ways for too many years! But this has me stumped!

Location: Southern Missouri, US

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Ditto - Dave S.

At this point in time I would be more suspect of the Floppy's as Ver A-013 goes back a few years......but could be wrong.

Worth a try, you can download a later version of software from here:


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Thanks for the quick responses!

When I power on with no disk in the drive, a message comes up telling me to insert disk 1A.

I replaced the floppy drive with one from the other 2611, and then replaced it again withy one "known good" from a PC of about the same vintage (2001)

And, thank you for the sky drive link! I'll download it to a mamory stick, then transfer it to floppies.  Sure wish the machine had a CD drive, or even a USB port!  I'll check back after I do the above!

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Greetings again! At this point in time, I've done the download, unzipped it to floppies, and still have the same results, ie:Error 6801-51 when disk 1C gets to 90%, and ready to kick over to 100%. Very frustrating!

Can anyone tell me what the -51 subcode means? And where (physically) is the portion of flash memory that is not being addressed successfully?  Somehow or other, I'm sure I'm overlooking something important!  Checked the 5 volts to the FDD again, using my Fluke 87, which is pretty accurate, and it was 4.99 volts. Anything else I can check? Also have a logic probe (really great when working on KIS's early stuff!)and a scope.

I have a copy of the Kodak issued service tech CD, as issued by Kodak Australia. Not much detailed stuff in there, I'm afraid, but at least it tells me where things are and how they interconnect.

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Hi Friend,

No. 6801 -## Flash memory write error. Reset the power supply.

Alarm release: I NO/STOP |

Error message release: I YES) + | NO/STOP)

• Condition

1. Data was not written successfully to flash memory when

software was upgraded.


Although the sub-number for the error number will vary with

error conditions, handle the error as outlined in diagnostic


• Diagnostic

If an error message No. 6801 "Flash memory write error.

Reset the power supply." occurs, upgrade the software


When data cannot be written to flash memory

(1) Main control PCB is defective.

(Bg3 6301)

(2) Sub control PCB is defective.

(Bg3 6302)

(3) Image transfer PCB is defective.

(OS* 6303)

(4) Digital print section is defective.

(5) PU control PCB is defective.

(Bg3 6471)

(6) NMC PCB is defective.

(Bg3 6481)

(7) 135 ANM control PCB is defective.

(Bg3 6421)

(8) 240 ANM control PCB is defective.

(Eg3 6441)

(9) 120 negative feed PCB is defective.

(10) 120 ANM control PCB is defective.

(Bg3 6451)

did you control your cables, maybe broken,

did you reset power after this error? what happened?

did you open your floppy disk in your pc? is it ok?


Sait Terekli

istanbul - Turkey

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Disk 1A, 1B & 1C are for the Main Control PCB (J306818-00)

Check all the voltage test points on the main control PCB.

TP804 +5V

TP805 – 5V

TP806 +12V

TP807 -12V

TP808 +5V

It is probably one of the flash chips are damaged on the Main Control PCB.

There is no information on the sub number for error 6801

The other things you can check are the fibre optic cables are clean and connected to the correct ports. Sometimes the ends of the fibre optic cables need to be trimmed either with the special Omron E39-F4 cutter or with a very sharp craft knife.

Though I think the fibre optic cables will only be used to program the other circuit boards after Disk 1C has loaded successfully.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you very much for the pointing me in a good direction, Sait, Dave and more!

I have verified the voltages to be within less than 0.02 volts.  Presently, I'm carefully going over all cables in the area, inch by inch, as this seems like an excellent idea. Likewise, after doing that, if I find nothing, perhaps it is the flash memory chips. I don't know how to verify them, other than switching them out. However, I DO have a spare main and sub main board, assuming they are good. It seems, from the information all of you have provided, it will be the main board, the 818.  I located another one from a machine being torn down, and it AND the sub main board should be here before 1 February.  Meantime, I am checking cables as I said, and will hunt up my fiber optic cutter I got some time ago from Telemecanique. Also will try to open the disk on my old PC. It is a laptop running Windows 98, and I keep it around for programming two way radios and PLCs.

I shall keep you advised, and again, I'm grateful!

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  • 2 months later...

Again, MANY MANY thanks to each of you for the really helpful information!  As it turned out there was one or more of the boot flash chips on the sub main board that were bad. I was able to purchase some good boards from a fellow who was parting out a 2611, and they were good! Got everything up and running. Now, I have another problem!

In trying to update the data concerning fluid remaining in the P1 cartridge, the manual directs me to insert the "service disk" which of course, I do not have, and therefore the machine does not recognize the service password. Anyone know if there is a place that I can download the data on it from?

Thanks again!!

Neil W.

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