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dDP-411 printing problem


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Has anyone run into a TIF file that causes the dDP-411 to partially shut down when trying to print it from the OM-1 console? We have two such files from the same outside source. We and the Noritsu service technician have determined that they are properly speced for printing, and we can see no extraneous layers or channels in PhotoShop or Bridge, but when we get past the Print Size screen, the next screen almost immediately closes down, and several of the tabs at the bottom close, too, leaving just the desktop.

Any thoughts about what could be wrong with these files?



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Of course, by now you've already printed these files for the customer right ?

You can just flatten the entire TIF and save as JPG to print.

As far as WHY it's causing your Noritsu software to close, that's going to be very difficult to figure out.

There could be possibly many different reasons:

What software/version was the TIFF saved from ?

maybe it's compressed, are there any "Smart Object" layers ?

Delete 1 layer, save it, try to print. - repeat until the machine stops restarting itself.

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