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QSS-3001 Error!


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At the bottom front of the rep tank is the sensor that detects the liquid level.

Unscrew the sensor and check it is clean etc. The STB will come out of the tank when you remove the sensor so maybe drain the rep tank first!

Also check the wiring for the sensor is not damaged anywhere.

Check the plug J/P689 is connected properly on the processor I/O PCB.

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yes  shahza    you  ar  correcte   and  dave     correcte  no  flaoter in stb  thank   es   SENSOR  the replenishement solution  level  sensor uses differences in the thermal conductivity between air and  water to detecte the amount of replenishement solution

if the solution level  in the thank falls below the sensor the tempreratur  of the sensor changes and  message displayed   add rep     solution in  the  stb thank    

mesure  la  resistance  for  sensor  stb  nne  if  it  not  betwen 1.5@4 komes    le  sensor   est  difective

in this   cas  eliminer   la  resistanse  ya  atachez les deux  pinefor wiring    ;)

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