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Noritsu 3701 chemical cp49e change to Cp49LR


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First go to service mode. Then Extension → Maintenance → Machine Specification and select proper process specification there. Then Extension → Processor Settings → Standard Replenishment Amount Setting and set replenishment rates ( 40, 15.5, 15.5 and 215 for CP-49LR ) .  For temperature go to Processing Solution Temperature Setting menu.

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We are trying to do the change to the cp-49LR as well and we cannot figure out:

1.  how to get to service mode, unless you mean maintenance

2.  in maint we can get to where it says select proper process specification, but we can't change anything, and if we do the second part we can't change anything on that screen either, it's all greed out.

What are we doing wrong?  Where do we need to look?

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