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QSS-3300 Arcnet communication error


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Dear all

Please help me to solve arcnet comm error on 3300 LPP-750.

I checked all optic fibre cables (disconnected and reconnected) & cut their ends to make sure they are ok.

I checked input /output voltages (A.C & D.C) from all power supplies & find them ok.

I also checked voltages on Printer, Processor & Laser I/O and Control PCBs.

I checked communication between pcbs  on System version check & find out that only PC-Scanner interface, Colorimeter & NMC Net order are communicating

Please where else can I check to solve the problem?

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The Self Check Application show me a error en the first option, Arcnet Controller PCB is not installed

I check in windows on device manager and is not show in the list the Arcnet like installed I tride install the drivers but is not detecting the card, I ready change on other PCI slot but is the same problem.

You think if I use the recovery CD I will can solve the problem? I have 3 CD recovery for PC-NRT-RS5/RS9 and my computer is PC-NRT-RS5, this cd reinstall everyting? also windows?

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