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Sychronous sensor error 6073-0001 on Noritsu 3001


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Dear members and friends,

I have this message number 6073-0001 synchronous sensor error appearing when I print the test print.

I haven't used yet this used machine that I bought recently because of this problem.

Any ideas that can lead me clear the problem are welcome.

Thank you all.

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The first check AOM driver in red channel. Replace Red channel AOM driver ( in front of the minilab ) with Green one ( in the middle ) and after that you will have 6073-0002 then AOM driver is faulty ( which was in Red channel and you put it to Green channel ) . If after replacement error will be the same ( 6073-0001 ) then will be some defect in Red channel - broken wires or bad contact inside BNC connectors. Also can be printer control pcb. The worst can be defect in AOM crystal inside laser unit, but it happen rare.

The common fault is AOM driver, so you have to repair or change it with new one.

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Hello Minilab service I swapped Red AOM and Green AOM the result was 6073-0002 error. Is it that Red AOM is fault?

Yes the AOM driver is faulty.

If you use the search feature on this forum (or even Google) you would have found the answer!

There are many many posts documenting the 6073-000# error.

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Yes Thank you all who helped.

I took the faulty Red AOM and put it in a working machine and i got the same error 6073-0001.

I took a Red AOM from a working machine and put in another machine and everything were ok.

Hope I have to buy a new AOM

Thanks so much.

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