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Noritsu 3300 8" Magazine Reg.


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By regular prints I guess you mean 8x6 8x10 & 8x12?

Have you tried an 8x14 sized print? (around the same length as the setup print)

I suspect the tail end of the print is being held back by something at around 14" (356mm). Maybe something is bent slightly out of shape on the brackets for the CVP pressure plate. On shorter length prints the tail end is completely clear of the CVP etc so it does not cause a jam.

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I really think the problem is purely a mechanical one due to the fact all the other shorter prints go through normally.

Check the print slides through the area where the CVP print head is easily by hand.

Ensure the arm slides smoothly from left to right.

I personally don't think you have any electronic/ electrical issues that are causing this problem.

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But why is it only doing that on long prints?

I think the print is being held back, so the machine times out and stops everything.

The problem is on the trailing end of the print not the leading end.

If there was a problem in the exposure advance unit, it would effect all the prints, not just the long prints.

I'm guessing the print does not even enter the exposure advance unit?

Maybe gradually reduce the advance length from 356mm until you get to the point it does not jam, then you will know exactly where on the trailing edge of the print it is getting caught. Basically anything longer than your non jamming advance length value on the left side of the print (trailing edge).

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I am having a similar issue, my machine will not print the 8” emulsion sheet to balance. It prints everything else including 6”.

it keeps saying paper jammed. So my question is, all the papers uses the same length of paper for emulsion number change. Why does it keep jamming on the 8”?

I have a noritsu Qss3300RA

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On QSS-33xx series printer .. this "Reverse Guide" has 2 different part nos.

Early QSS-33xx s/n   ,  part no. C007703-00

Latter QSS-33xx s/n ,   part no. is C008389-00    <-- same Guide QSS-35xx printer is using

Discontinued by Noritsu Japan  . . . BUT I STILL HAVE BOTH GUIDES  IN STOCK  ( NEW )  !

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