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These lines are problems with uniformity and there are a great range of things you can do to fix. The good news is that it doesn't show the dreaded 8mm line which seems to be the indicator of a dead MLVA.

If you do a search on this forum you should find a range of posts about what do do next.

One very quick fix might be to load an older backed up version of the setup floppies.

But that is just a quick idea.

So have a look through the old posts or wait for Dave S or one of the other experts to give you some more specific advice. I assume you have already replaced the lamp?

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Wow that looks bad.

Those white-ish lines are worrisome. Never seen those before, but could be light not getting through the MLVA head to the paper.

Try cleaning everything from the MLVA Lamp to the MLVA head....

The Lamp reflector, the dichroic glass, the filterwheel glass, the Integrator section, the MLVA head cleaning brush and finally wipe clean the MLVA head.

Then try the uniformity.

But I'm not an expert, and just guessing.... Wait for a response from Dave S.

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To me the white lines in the centre of the print look like a physical obstruction of some kind. Clean the front of the MLVA head and the slit on the pressure guide.

Clean all the optical section, including the integrator which is underneath the filter wheel.

Did this problem start all of a sudden, or has it gradually got worse over time?

Have a look at this post http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1304452058/s-10/

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My friend we have all given you advice to try to help you solve the problem. it's now up to you to try the advice given and report back with the results.

If you do not understand something ask.

Posting more images of your problem is not going to help!

If you are not technical you will need to get a technician in to look at the problem for you.

What country are you in?

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Some time ago I had a similar problem. I got great advice in this forum and have done all. The problems disappeared completely. That order of things which I did: first cleared and changed the lamp, then dismantled and cleared Dichroic filter and Mlva filter wheel,  and the end of the optical cable, finally cleared MLVA. Once I did the whole procedure let the machine and everything was fine. I would like to draw your attention to this Mlva filter wheel, you need to disassemble and clean with alcohol 95% each part carefully-glass, sensors and axes and all surfaces. For some reason this disc loses its balance in the dirt. It is :) Good luck!

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