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Prints went real light


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I use a 2901.  One minute prints were fine left office, came back 10 minutes later prints were WAY too bright.  Since then, we've changed chemicals and loaded backup data.  This change happened on all papers.  We can run emulsion and get it close, but emulsion still has a red tint.  It's almost like we've lost our initial settings and can't get them back.  Everything we check looks fine.  We're stuck and would appreciate anyone's input.

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That did it.  We were just sure either the lamp was burned out or not.  He was gonna change it just to eliminate it, but never did.  When he pulled the bulb out, he said to me, I don't know how this has even been on.  Anyway, he's worked with these machines for 7 or 8 years and has never seen one do that.  Live and learn.  Thank you so much, you're a life saver.  Boy do we owe you... :)

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