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moisture injurious to electronic parts


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hii friends .. good to see you folks here ..

friends i have a question ..

my  room in which machine is installed is having moisture problem specially in winters due to quite small space ( 12 feet X 6 feets ) ..

air conditioner is installed but no fans or exaust fan is fitted .. what is the best way to keep a lab space moisture free except using dehumidifiers ..

will ceiling fan help or will install exaust fan but do i need air to flow in to lab or flow out from lab ...

please  give some light on this matter


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yaa ..drain pipe is connected but i have mentioned in my thread that its specially in winters my machine gets malfunction as air conditioner do not work when temprature is -10 degree celcius outside ..

please suggest me some way to get rid from this moisture


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An extractor fan with a shutter that seals off the vent when it is not on will help, if you are just using the lab as a heat source it should be all you need, avoid gas heating as it adds a lot of moisture to the environment. Is it possible to insulate the outside part of the air conditioner, if you have the room you can build an insulated cover that vents out the bottom using polystyrene or ply and a good solid insulation. It doesn't take much to raise the temp inside the cover to get the air conditioner working which is by far the best way to remove moisture.

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hii dobbo ... thanks for guiding .. you are helpful in this forum ..

one thing i wanna know will i let air in or out from extractor fan and can i use electric blower instead of gas heater to maintain temp of room as walls , ceiling,and  floor is fitted with tiles .. may be this is reason room is full of moisture due to lack of wood or ply which absorbs moisture ..

in summers when i open my shop i feel really humid inside and sometimes get afraid to start machine as it can be fatal .. hahaha

give some tips for summer time also

thanks ...

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