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Hi all.

In December we bought an used QSS-3101 minilab.

Software "QSS PRINTER DRIVER" is not installed and we want to install it (we have 2 CDs and manuals).

We also have a network with 5 computers, including the QSS-3101 computer. QSS-3101 computer uses Win2000, the other computers uses WinXP and Win7.

Two questions:

1.-Where have we to install "QSS PRINTER DRIVER" ?  In QSS-3101 computer or in any other computer on the network?

2.-Our network computers get IP addresses automatically. Is it necessary to set fixed IP addresses in each of them to install the "QSS Printer Driver"?

Thank you very much.

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You install the QSS Printer Driver software on all the computers you want to print to the 3101 from.

You don't install anything on the actual QSS-3101 computer.

The QSS-3101 should have a fixed IP address; the other computers do not have to have a fixed IP address.

Effectively the QSS Printer Driver software turns the QSS-3101 into an IP printer.

The software was not designed for Windows 7 so you may have issues with it running on a Windows 7 PC.

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Dave glad to greet you.

I changed all IP's of our network from dynamic to static. In the screenshots 1 you can see the network configuration. Network works fine.

In all computers, including the QSS3101 computer, I configured antivirus ESET SMART SECURITY 5 so that there were no conflicts on the network.

I started installing the "Printer Driver" in one of the network computers (see screenshots 2 and 3). When I reached step 25: "Ethernet Port QSS display" of the manual, the list was blank (see screenshot 4). Clicking "Update" Printer name didn´t appear.

Can you help me?

-Printer Driver is version 4.

-QSS 3101 computer has WIN 2000 SP4 and I didn´t install anything on the actual QSS3101 computer.

-Printer Driver was installed on a WIN XP computer



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