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Off center print after paper jam


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We have been having a paper jam issue with one of our Noritsu 3100 printers. The prints seem to stall in the paper advance section. After the jam is cleared and the printer starts producing again, we get one print that has a band of white at the trailing edge and the print seems to be shifted. I've attatched an example. Has anyone had this problem?

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I don't understand how this is possible with the trailing edge being in the opposite direction to the line/ miss exposure.

Do you do many repeat prints of the same image? Because to me this looks like an exposure from another print.

What is the exact model of printer QSS-3101?

My guess is the print is slipping somewhere so the timing is going out, eventually the machine detects this and stops everything.

It may be the printer is not erasing the last image from the memory after the paper jam.

What software version is the machine on?

What size is the print you are making?

Does this problem happen on different sized prints as well?

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