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Noritsu Overspill


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We have a 2901 that is now printing with way to much over spill from the net order interface. A number of years ago we had to rip files at 402 DPI on our ZBE rendering software just so we did not get small white borders in the print randomly. Now even at 400 prints are over spilling way too much. We know about the reduction in the channels but we need to fix the net order interface. It's like a tech changed something a few years ago and the printing engine is printing everything bigger in the net order and the CT mode. We print police photos that need to be exact size. It printed the exact size a few years ago when we ripped the files at 400DPI. Now it's printing slightly larger in the net order. Is there a setting for the size or over spill in the MLVA head service menus. Or did Noritsu change the software when we got an update a few years ago?




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